Assorted Wildlife - ghal

Taken on the May long weekend, '07.

While doing yard chores I spotted a Magpie swoop down onto a squirrel in my driveway and begin attacking.
I was about to take a picture of the bird pecking at the squirrel's eyes to kill it but he quickly flew off.
As I was about to take a picture of the almost dead squirrel the Lynx jumped out of the trees and carted off the limp rodent.

It's fur is wet from the rainy weather we've been having.
As a sidenote, the digital technology was such with my old Nikon 8800, that after capturing this image, the time it took to process the file allowed the Lynx to pick up the rodent, look at me, walk down the road, then walk back into the woods where I snapped the following pic of it leaving the scene.....grrrrrr!